About Us

RSL Telecom was created by a private investment group in order to acquire bandwidth capacity on the MAYA-1 Submarine Cable system. On November 2001 RSL USA and RSL LA transferred a total of 28 E1’s to RSL Telecom. Today this company owns a total of 1125 E1’s due the continuous upgrades on the submarine cable.

Our mission is to provide regional interconnection services to Central American market, through a network of first class service providers, offering high quality of managed services, guaranteed bandwidth and international private lines for corporate services.

The fundamental objective of RSL Telecom is to become the best businesses option for each strategic partner in the region, promoting interconnection services to the corporative market that require guaranteed bandwidths or dedicated circuits according to the needs of their businesses. With this, RSL Telecom pretends to become a key turn solution partner to the increasing demands of the local markets and for those clients who highly look for differentiated solutions.


MAYA-1 Description

MAYA-1 is a Submarine Cable System providing service from Hollywood, Florida on the southern tip of the United States to Tolu, Colombia on the northern tip of South America. Utilizing Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) with Erbium-Doped-Fiber-Amplifier (EDFA) technology, MAYA-1 has a system capacity of 80 Gbps. It is a collapsed SDH ring system with semi-passive branching units and has a total length of 4400 km. It provides service to the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia.